Monday, January 16, 2012

UW 2013 recruiting class best ever?

 A look at 5 star recruits that are considering Washington in the 2013 recruiting class.

Jabari Parker- (6'8 220 SF ESPN's #1 recruit)
Many experts call him the best high schooler is the country as a junior.  Has an offensive game very similar to Carmelo Anthony.  Was the first freshman to ever make Simeon High School's varsity team (Derrick Rose didn't make the team until his Sophomore year).  Parker is now a Junior and is the leader of Simeon High School the #1 team in the nation.
Why is Jabari Parker interested in Washington?
First off Jabari's father Sonny was teammates with UW's coach Lorenzo Romar.  There has been speculation that the two are fairly close friends.  Recently Jabari's older brother decided to enroll at Washington next year.  If your asking me it's going to come down to UW, Duke and BYU and at this point I really believe UDub is the favorite.
What would signing Jabari mean?
Signing Jabari would be the biggest recruit Washington has ever landed.  His presence alone could potentially make us PAC-12 favorites and vault us far into the NCAA tournament.

Aaron Gordon - (6'7 210 PF ESPN's #6 recruit)
Considered the most athletic recruit in the class, Aaron Gordon can out-muscle anyone and hit the open midrange shot.  It has yet to be seen what position Aaron will play at the college level, but he will be a mismatch no matter what.  If you put a small forward on him he has the touch to shoot over them and the height to out-rebound them.  If you try a power forward on him he will get around him with ease.

Why is Aaron Gordon interested in Washington?
Aaron is a west coast guy and has four PAC-12 teams in his top 5 (Washington, Arizona, Stanford, Oregon and Kansas).  There has been speculation that Gordon will not come to Washington if
Jabari Parker comes, but those are just rumors.  I don't see any reason why the two wouldn't want to play together as they would both demand playing time with their talents.  That being said I have a feeling Arizona and Kansas are the most likely destinations for this big guy.
What would signing Aaron mean?
Most importantly it would mean having a frontcourt presence the Huskies haven't had since Jon Brockman or Spencer Hawes.  It would also mean we wouldn't have to face him regularly if he picks a PAC-12 rival.

Jabari Bird (6'6 190 SG ESPN's # 11 recruit)
Extremely explosive in going to the rim and athletic enough to finish with highlight reel dunks.  Has a silky shot that is deadly from midrange, but a little inconsistent from 3.
Why is Jabari Bird interested in Washington?
Bird is another west coast guy, he already claims he is down to UW, Cal and Arizona.  I see it coming down to UW and UA and if Bird has a chance to start right away (meaning Ross and Wilcox are gone) I see him choosing Washington.
What would signing Jabari Bird mean?
I predict by Bird's freshman season Hikeem Stewart will be Washington's starting Pg.  These two could easily make up the best backcourt in the PAC-12

Isaac Hamilton (6'4 170 SG ESPN's #19 recruit)
Can play either the one or the two and can take anyone off the dribble.  Has tremendous passing abilities and is a very reliable shooter.
Why is Isaac Hamilton interested in Washington?
Isaac likes UW's uptempo system and lists team in his top 7 (UCLA, USC, Washington, UConn, UNLV, St. John's and Arizona).  I suspect it will come down to St. Johns and UNLV.
What would signing Isaac mean?
Simply put Hamilton would be another guy Washington could build their backcourt around.

This will be Washington's best recruiting class ever and will compete for the top recruiting class in the nation.  I think UW will win the battle for both the Jabari's.  I still think we have a chance to scoop up Gordon, but I don't think we have any shot at Hamilton.  I believe we will also get Stephen Domingo a four star recruit who can shoot with the best of them.  This would give us Jabari Parker #1, Jabari Bird #11 and Stephen Domingo #28.  This will be one of the greatest recruiting teams in the 2013 class.

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  1. I would think the UW is closer to getting Gordon and Bird then Parker and Bird. Parker is holding everything close to his chest with his recruiting. Isn't Parker's brother already at UW as a graduate assistant? I think Domingo is the best shooter out there.

    1. I'm curious as to why you think we have a better shot at Gordon? I mean none of these guys are going to be committing anytime soon, but I think it's reasonable to think we have an ok shot at both of them. "Parker's older brother Chris hopes to enroll at Washington in the fall and join the UW staff as a team manager."

  2. Romar has been recruiting the Gordon family for quite some time. His older brother Drew, has stated he should have come to UW instead of UCLA. The things Gordon says seems like he is leaning UW or already silent verballed. Gordon and Bird may be a package deal. They are pretty close. I recently saw on ESPN Parker's final ten, we were not on it but it hasn't come out of Parker's mouth. I also thought Parker's brother is already there. Am I mistaken about that?

  3. I wasn't aware of Gordon and Bird's connection. I believe Chris Parker is now at Washington although I haven't heard any recent updates. Do you think we have much of a shot at Anthony Bennett this year?

  4. Yes I do because of his teammates, mostly Williams-Goss, are in his ear about UW. It's an uphill climb but we just might surprise here. He pretty much has an open invitation to be a star here. Now that Willis will declare Kentucky on Friday, who knows? Willis and Bennett are both PF's.

  5. Yea, but everyone is in his ear... Birch wants him at UNLV and Artis is trying to get him to Oregon. I think we have an ok shot, but I still think it's a little unlikely.