Sunday, January 22, 2012

Kevin Millwood- A quick reaction

According to multiple sources the Mariners have acquired Kevin Millwood thus shoring up that "veteran" spot in the rotation I mentioned earlier.  I guess I was being way too optimistic when I was thinking Oswalt or Edwin Jackson, however this is a solid pickup.  I expect him to make the team opening day rotation and be an innings eater early in the season

I apologize for forgetting Hector Noesi in my 2012 rotation projection, because he has a shot to make the rotation.

Now we have:

To be honest I'd rather see Iwakuma in the bullpen and give both Hultzen and Noesi a shot,but that won't happen.  So I believe it will come down to Hultzen and Noesi and I think you have to give Noesi a shot. 

It's nice to see Millwood as a Mariner and it's great to have all this depth in our rotation.  Go Mariners!

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