Sunday, January 29, 2012

Mariners FanFest

I attended FanFest this weekend and I got to get a look at the young guys.  Most of my information on prospects comes from scouting reports and other writers and it's hard to watch these kids in the minor leagues.  So I just wanted to give you my initial reaction to how these kids looked and acted.

Danny Hultzen - I know this guys mature and major league ready, but he still looks like a huge teenager, however he was really comfortable with the fans and publicity unlike a lot of the young guys.

Jesus Montero - I know he's already played in the big leagues, but he was not how I pictured him.  I'd expect a power hitting prospect that was swapped for the humongous Pineda to be another giant.  He was very stocky, but there is no way this dude is 6'3.  His English is not bad at all, much better than Ichiro especially when he first arrived.

James Paxton - Another tall lanky guy like Hultzen, but his full beard made him look a lot older.  I didn't know what to expect with James.

Taijuan Walker - I have never seen hands so big, he looked like he was holding ping pong balls when he was signing the baseballs.  He looked very uncomfortable with all the fans and I got the feeling that he was just born to pitch.  I doubt he had ever gotten quite so much attention.

I know these mean next to nothing in how they will perform on the baseball field in the future, but I just wanted to give you some insight on these kids.  These guys are the future of the Seattle Mariners and our success.

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